Official oppening of the paint factory in Odessa

On April 18, 2013 the grand opening of paintwork factory of Eskaro Group AB company took place in Odessa. For the country with economy reviving after the world financial crisis it became indeed an extraordinary event and also a striking confirmation of growing investments attractivity of Ukraine. The investments, in the first place ones of factory, made eight million EUR. The investors of construction were the Swedish and Finnish companies being members of international holding on production and sale of «Eskaro Group AB» paintwork product and the world-known ABB France company made equipment delivery and mounting. The opening date of factory was chosen not accidentally. According to the Slavonic mythology in the middle of April, at Yevtikhiy, they usually thought what would be a harvest of … peas. If this day proved to be calm and windless they could prepare for heavy crop.

Like seeds of peas the drops of paint obeying the wave of brush will give shoots of joy and positive attitude in every house. The Eskaro product is in harmony with surroundings because it is being manufactured by environmentally safe technology and on the equipment which «knows» how it must function not to harm the nature.

The pea-field being radiant with fresh green colour is gladly announcing: «Spring came!». The Eskaro company also gives its admirers the spring which will be lasting exactly as much as you'd like. The bright beautiful paints: green, yellow, white, red and blue ones will fill your house with light, sincere cordiality and aura of calmness and comfort. A colourful transformation of family hearth is a symbol of renovation and qualitative changes which every man and his surroundings expect.

A new factory will allow to manufacture in Odessa a wide range of paintwork product. The paints, lacquers (vanishes), fillers, structural materials and many other things is the whole wealth for those wishing to paint the world with warm colours. Thanks to the factory in Odessa the company's product portfolio will be replenished with new trading ranges and high-technology products giving a chance of changes and renovations as to private consumers so to large building companies.

The factory occupies a territory with area of almost 2.5 ha. It is located at the 21st km of Circular road, not far from road junction, so called «Two posts». The design output of enterprise is 16,000 tonnes a year in case of one-shift work.

The factory built in Odessa is unique in many respects. Particuar attention is given to environmentality of enterprise. The factory satisfies all the needs of environmental cleanness idea implying the application of the newest technologies for environmentally friendly production of water-dispersed materials safe for environment. The data of that how much the volume of traffic of heavy-load trucks (and one of carbon dioxide ejections to atmosphere, correspondingly) which had before delivered Eskaro paintwork product from Eurocommunity would reduce became one of arguments of no small importance in favour of construction of factory in Odessa.

The second environmental aspect is raw material. Not solvent-borne (organic) materials but only environmentally clean components the greater part of which is delivered from Europe are used in the production processes. The spot is equipped for storage of main liquid admixtures. The air filter systems are installed in the area of loose material receiving and also all over the factory. There is no smell.

The factory has its own water. It comes from the well 128 m deep located on the premises of enterprise. Having passed through purification system the water joins in the production processes.

As for process automation level the enterprise is an advanced one not only in Eskaro Group AB company but in all chemical industry of Ukraine. Suffice it to say that only five professionals manage the factory: all production processes, various purification systems, efficient employment of electric power, smoke removal and fire-fighting safety! Also, the processes of distribution of goods made over the six-tier racks in the storehouse of finished goods are subject to the computers.

The factory has three filling lines. They are functioning by technology which enables to use them for filling of any product. The special equipment permits to clean with crystal polish the inner part of filling pipe. Moreover, the water used in this technological operation comes to process water treatment plant and then returns to the production process. And only a little residue of coarse impurities is reclaimed by a special crew servicing the factory. Thus, the enterprise is functioning by waste-free technology which allows to manage without production canalization system.

At last, the laboratory, a link of Eskaro Group AB common Science-Research Centre, is the heart of factory. This department has two functions. The first one is a research function which implies a permanent creative process on making new products and materials. The second function is quality control on each production stage: since the moment of product birth which begins from thorough inspection of raw material till reclamation of containers.

The high quality stability is a style of Eskaro Group AB work made an undouted principle.

A new factory, one of peas in a friendly family of enterprises being members of Eskaro company will give generous shoots as high-quality, environmentally clean product and stable spring mood in those wishing to live in colour harmony with the nature.

The Eskaro factory which began functioning in Odessa, has been constructed for long-term work. The inherent upside potential will permit the enterprise to reach capacity of 30,000 tonnes a year in case of one-shift work. The factory will be also expanded territorially. Now at the 21st km of Circular road the first line of enterprise has started. The construction of large storage facilities and office building is within the nearest plans.

…The world changes if we want to change it. From black-and-white it becomes coloured when we take paints in our hands. This is a noble mission to help those seeking to improve surroundings. Having built the factory in Odessa the Eskaro Group AB company confirmed: mission possible. Everything will be done that the colour harmony borrowed from one of nature would be available to everyone who wishes qualitative changes in the life.