Eskaro flag on Elbrus Mount!

Eskaro flag on Elbrus Mount! A group of supporters and friends of our company has unfolded Eskaro flag on the top of majestic Elbrus Mount. The flag was given at night, almost on the eve of departure of our friends to the expedition. A short conversation with Boris - a member of the expedition - about the road ahead: "A man does not conquer a mountain top. Yes, he can climb up, but he is so small compared to the mountain. The mountain has allowed him to go all the way to the top. Not more ... " For some reason we have kept in mind exactly these words.

A group of brave seekers climbed the sleeping two-headed volcano of the Great Caucasus Mountains in the full moon on the 2nd of August 2012. They climbed not a standard route, but more complicated one - from the north to the eastern peak of Elbrus that is 5621m heigh above sea level, where they unfolded Eskaro flag!Although none of them had any alpinist training, their physical training and a will to win helped them to complete the climb successfully.Elbrus Mount allowed our friends to go all the way to the top, allowed them to bring to the top Eskaro flag.
Willingness to changes and the courage of discovery can expand the horizons of your life. Eskaro flag on Elbrus Mount - as a symbol of our company's goal - we are ready to go bravely forward, discover and expand new horizons. When you have clearly defined your goals - there will definitely appear people around you with the same idea, who are ready to conquer with you any mountains!We would like to thank Elbrus Mount and members of the expedition for the opportunity to visit the top of Europe. Read more.