Repair with the head. GROVER

The GROVER brand represents a wide range of professional construction chemicals.

The GROVER product portfolio includes polyurethane foams, liquid nails, construction adhesives, silicone, acrylic, polyurethane and other sealants, anchoring materials, sealing and construction tapes.

GROVER for users is:

  • wide assortment, allowing to solve any problem of sealing and fixing.
  • only excellent consumer properties of products based on modern developments in the field of construction chemistry.


GROVER for retailers is:

  • thoughtful and balanced assortment, contributing to the growth of sales of the product category.
  • the presence of unique positions that increase the competitiveness of the partner.
  • memorable and selling design.
  • a set of measures to increase the efficiency of the sales area of the partner company.
  • complexity of supplies.
  • high level of service.
  • sales support, merchandising, provision of POS materials.